Why Am I Experiencing Brain Fog?

Why Am I Experiencing Brain Fog?

Brain fog, forgetfulness or simply blanking-out mid-sentence is the worst feeling ever. 

Have you ever;

  • Walked into a room and completely forgotten why you walked in there?
  • Forgotten someone's name (even if they only told you 2 mins prior)?
  • Been asked for personal information, like your date of birth, and been met with crickets in your mind?
  • Opened up the computer, and the password you use every day has been bleeped from your mind?

These are all classic examples of the kind of brain fog many of us experience regularly. On a cellular level, this is a sign that you’re experiencing some neuroinflammation. 

What Causes Neuroinflammation?

There are many contributing factors, but some of the most common reasons are: 


Perhaps you've got too much on your plate; you're over-committed and in a constant state of 'busyness'?

Stress, particularly long-term stress, has been linked with more rapid cognitive decline as we age. Stress can constrict blood vessels and make delivering oxygen and nutrients to the brain more difficult. It can also disturb our sleep, which can rapidly erode brain wellbeing.

Nutrient Deficiencies

When we ask a lot of our body and mind, we need nutrients to power the pathways. 

Suppose we're not eating well, or we're using up nutrients faster than we're replenishing them? 

In that case, we're opening ourselves up to neuroinflammation. 

Nutrients like magnesium, zinc and carnitine power energy in the brain; we lose them readily when we're under a lot of stress. 

Gut Health

A poor-functioning gut exacerbates nutrient loss. Our nutrient absorption is impaired if our gut is sluggish, leaky or inflamed. Our gut is also critical to the establishment of a healthy microbiome. A robust microbiome helps protect us from inflammation; however, it can do the opposite when compromised.

The gut can be a potent source of triggers for brain fog, due to the direct connection between the trillions of nerves that lie within our enteric (gut-based) nervous system and the brain.  

Immune Challenges

Inflammation is crucial to our immune response when defending against foreign invaders like viruses or infections. However, without the resources to quell inflammation after dealing with the exposure, we can be left with post-viral fatigue or chronic fatigue due to neuroinflammation. This kind of brain fog responds well to supporting the gut to heal and recover after an infection.

Natural Support For Neuroinflammation and Brain Fog

We can take proactive steps to mitigate neuroinflammation before it spirals into complete cognitive decline.

In addition to paying attention to our diet and lifestyle, to minimise triggers for neuroinflammation, we can also boost vital brain-supporting nutrients, utilise cognitive-enhancing nootropics and antioxidants, and support the gut-brain axis through targeted supplementation. 

When we look after our body and focus on nourishing it well, it rewards us with better focus, concentration, patience and creativity. 

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