The Unique Properties of AquaCelle®

The Unique Properties of AquaCelle®

Scientifically validated delivery technologies are the newest frontier in drug and supplement delivery. Improving the speed at which the human body can process and absorb substances means we can achieve faster results using lower dosages with the added benefit of less incidence of side effects. 

What is AquaCelle®

AquaCelle® is a unique, patented drug delivery technology developed in Australia by Pharmako Biotechnologies. At myBrainCo. we have partnered with the creators of this innovative technology to facilitate the rapid absorption of relevant natural substances in our products. AquaCelle® is used on the omega-3 in Omega+ and for the coenzyme Q10 in Mito Active-B™. 

How Does AquaCelle® Work?

AquaCelle® is a self-micro-emulsifying delivery system (SMEDS), meaning that it can facilitate improved absorption of lipophilic (fatty or oily) substances (such as CoQ10, Omega-3 and Resveratrol). AquaCelle® achieves this by helping to make the particles smaller and more water-soluble, which allows for improved transport and absorption in the body.

In the video, you can see that without AquaCelle® an oily/fatty substance will remain in globules sitting on top of the water. Whereas when AquaCelle® is added, the oily substance can easily disperse in the water. The human body is 70% water, so making substances water soluble significantly speeds up how efficiently the body can absorb them.

What Does Bio-Enhanced Absorption Mean?

Normally, when we ingest substances that are fatty or oily (aka “lipophilic“), they require additional steps in the digestive process to emulsify them (i.e. break them down and make them water soluble) in order to be able to move into cells for use. This is usually achieved by bile salts and enzymes in the digestive system. 

When AquaCelle® is combined with substances like fish oil, it essentially pre-digests that substance and allows for it to be used immediately. This removes several steps in the metabolism and absorption of the fish oil. In this way, we would say that the fish oil has been bio-enhanced, or bio-optimised for absorption. 

The unique action of AquaCelle® to bypass the early stages of metabolism means that peak concentrations can be achieved faster and using less initial substance. This has been demonstrated in published pharmacokinetic studies for both coenzyme Q10 and fish oil. 

AquaCelle® is ideal if you have digestive problems or experience reflux, or have had your gallbladder removed. In particular, thanks to its rapid absorption, it can help to mitigate the fishy burp issue many may experience with fish oil supplementation. 

AquaCelle® Scientifically Validated Absorption

AquaCelle® has been scientifically validated and clinically tested in human studies. Research shows that AquaCelle® has a profound effect on omega-3 absorption, enhancing uptake of the EPA and DHA by up to 600%. A study on coenzyme Q10 combined with AquaCelle® showed 300% better absorption than standard CoQ10 supplementation alone. 

AquaCelle® represents a significant opportunity to rapidly deliver results using omega-3 and coQ10 supplementation. Fish oil and coQ10 have been shown in hundreds of studies to benefit cognitive, heart, skin and energy health. Now, with AquaCelle®, these benefits can be achieved in significantly less time, with lower dosages, whilst also overcoming the metabolic barriers that might have prevented efficacy. 

If you’ve tried fish oil or CoQ10 in the past without the results you were hoping for, you can find omega-3 with AquaCelle® in Omega+  and CoQ10 with AquaCelle® in Mito Active-B™ to give them a try for yourself. You can also find AquaCelle®-enhanced astaxanthin (AstaReal®) in our Cell Protect™ formula.  





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