The Evolution Of Plant Protein

The Evolution Of Plant Protein

Plant protein has come a long way in the last decade. 

The first plant proteins to hit the global market were memorable indeed. Despite filling a void for nutritional demands for vegans and vegetarians, most plant proteins were gritty and grainy, with an unpleasant mouthfeel and left a memorable lump of damp sand-like protein at the bottom of every glass. 

Well, things are finally changing - for the better!

Solving The Challenges of Plant Protein 

Over the years, there have been three main problems to solve for consumers when it came to creating a high-demand plant-based protein that people would enjoy day in, day out;

    1. Texture & Mouthfeel
    2. Amino Acid Composition
    3. Bioavailability

    With ongoing improvements in technology, it is now possible to deliver plant-based protein powders that offer parallel taste, comprehensive amino acid composition and comparable bioavailability against traditional whey or casein-based proteins. 

    Performance Plant Protein by myBrainCo. Is a next-gen plant protein that delivers a smooth, superior taste, offers impressive amino acid bioavailability and incorporates innovative, keto-friendly medium-chain triglycerides to support both muscle performance and meet energy demands. 

    Say Goodbye To Gritty Plant Protein! 

    Thanks to advances in science and innovation, Performance Plant Protein™ contains a blend of two highly soluble plant protein sources that deliver superior amino acid composition and palatability, a smooth texture and unrivalled taste.

      • ioPea™ Sprouted Fermented Golden Pea Protein and;
      • Clear, hydrolysed rice protein peptides. 

    The fine-grade composition of these powders means you can say goodbye to crunchy, gritty glasses of plant protein! With great solubility, they blend well into water or other liquids for a smooth and enjoyable drink. 

    Access Your Aminos

    Choosing a plant-based protein no longer means you have to trade away amino acid bioavailability when opting for a more sustainable, vegetarian source of protein. 

    Thanks to new, clinically proven technology using a plasma modification process it is possible to achieve amino acid bioavailability that is far superior to non-plasma-modified protein. 

    Source. Become io.

    Furthermore, this innovative technology means that we can not only produce a smooth and highly palatable plant protein but also a competitively bioavailable protein that delivers absorbability results comparable to the industry's ‘gold standard’ whey protein. This technology is known as Ingredient Optimized, and it is changing the landscape of protein supplementation. 

    Using Plasma Modification For Superior Protein

    The application of plasma to protein provides a positive change to the protein structure that enhances its digestibility, enabling enzymes to readily access the amino acids more efficiently. This helps with the bioavailability of those highly desirable essential amino acids (EAAs) and the branch-chain amino acids (BCAAs) that users want to access for their muscle-building, strength and performance goals. 


    Are You Meeting Your Protein Needs?

    We know protein is important for cellular repair, immunity, hormonal and mood regulation, lean muscle building, energy, blood sugar balance, cognition and healthy hair, skin and nails. 

    Most adults need 0.75-0.85g per kilo of body weight to meet daily protein needs. Sadly, many adults fall short of this target and this can contribute to preventable health consequences. 


    myBrainCo. Performance Plant Protein™ features naturally optimised ioPea Protein™. It is the first plant protein that has been clinically shown to be better than Whey. It is a natural and organic improvement for plant protein that offers some valuable advantages;

      • Clinically proven to be up to three times more bioavailable than standard Pea protein
      • A superior vegan and vegetarian suitable choice: Pea protein with the power of Whey
      • A neutral taste profile – unlike processes, like hydrolysate which can yield a bitter flavour, ioPea™ does not negatively impact the taste profile
      • This application requires no 3rd party ingredients, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a low-excipient, clean product
      • Impressive and growing research portfolio, clinically backed by over 5 years of research and development

    Plant protein can now perform better than your typical whey protein. It is both gentler on our digestion, yielding less bloating and gas, whilst achieving the superior amino acid uptake you desire to meet your health goals. 


    ​​Sharp MH, et al. Proteins and Amino Acids Treated with Atmospheric Plasma Show Significantly Increased Bioavailability in Humans. Nutrition and Metabolic Insights. 2020;13. 


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