PODCAST: Building Better Brain Health with Christine Pope

PODCAST: Building Better Brain Health with Christine Pope

As part of Brain Awareness Week, we invited naturopath, nutritionist and homeopath Christine Pope into our Facebook community to talk all things brain health.

In this discussion, Bec and Christine discuss the diet and lifestyle factors that we need to consider to support our cognitive health and in Christine's words, "Age Outrageously".

Covered in this discussion:

[00:00] Welcome to Brain Awareness Week
[01:07] Introducing Christine Pope
[01:59] What is 'ageing outrageously'?
[02:50] Learning from neurology pioneers; Dr Dale Brederson and Dr Terry Wahls
[06:10] Why is Alzheimer's disease called Type 3 diabetes?
[07:11] Common cognitive health disruptors
[08:30] Hacking blood sugar for better brain health
[10:56] What is the glymphatic system?
[13:44] What is neuroplasticity & how can we support it?
[18:18] Why do women have higher cognitive decline risks?
[21:55] Brain Foods: essential fatty acids
[26:40] Brain Foods: berries
[28:04] Brain Foods: greens
[30:14] Brain Foods: eggs
[33:33] Prioritising exercise for better brain health
[40:10] Christine's journey with cognitive health

Episode Resources:

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Learn More About Christine's Ageing Outrageously Program.

Dr Dale Brederson's TED Talk: A Precision Approach to Ending Alzheimer's Disease.

Dr Dale Brederson's Book: The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline.

Dr Terry Wahls: The Wahl's Protocol.

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