Personalising Your Nootropic Stack

Personalising Your Nootropic Stack

Using individualised ingredients to tailor wellness plans around our unique biological needs is a common approach used by those with a keen interest in biohacking.

Often referred to as a nootropic stack, this is a method of curating complementary or supporting nootropic actions to help you achieve your cognitive or wellbeing goals. 

What is a Nootropic Stack?

A nootropic stack refers to a combination of supplements that are taken together to enhance cognitive function more effectively than a single supplement could on its own. 

The concept of stacking nootropics is similar to creating a recipe with multiple ingredients that synergistically work together to enhance flavour and nutritional value. In the context of cognitive enhancement, each ingredient in a stack contributes to improving aspects of brain function, such as memory, focus, creativity, or energy levels.

Customising Your Nootropic Stack

Every individual has unique health needs and goals, and what works for one person might not serve the goals of another. When personalising your nootropic stack, it's important to consider factors like diagnosed health conditions, existing supplementation or medications, dietary habits, and specific cognitive goals.

Introducing Nootropic Simplexes

Our recently launched range of nootropic simplexes featuring N acetyl-cysteine, Shilajit, Creatine, and NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide) —can be used as stand-alone nootropics or as strategic add-ons to customise your own cognitive enhancement stack. 

NAC (N Acetyl-cysteine): Known for its antioxidant properties and ability to regulate glutamate levels and replenish glutathione, NAC can be particularly beneficial for those looking to support cognitive health through improved detoxification and oxidative stress reduction.

Himalayan Shilajit: This ancient remedy contains fulvic acid and over 84 minerals, offering support for optimal energy and mitochondrial health. It has become a popular nootropic sought by those aiming to improve their overall vitality and cognitive efficiency.

Micronised Creatine Monohydrate: Often associated with physical performance, creatine also plays a crucial role in energy metabolism in brain cells. It can be a great choice for facilitating the energy our brain needs for rapid decision-making when under physical demands (such as recreational sport) as well as short-term memory enhancement.

NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide): A precursor to NAD+ that is highly desired for it’s ability to support energy metabolism and cellular repair. This supplement is recommended for those interested in anti-aging effects and maintaining neuroplasticity.

Mix and Match: Find Your Perfect Nootropic Stack

Our nootropic simplexes can be effectively combined with other products such as myBrainCo. Gut Repair, Sharp Mind, Performance Plant Protein, or Nootropic Greens to further enhance their effects. 

For example;

Key Considerations for Creating Your Personalised Stack

Assessment: Start by listing your cognitive needs and health goals. 

Research: Each nootropic has its signature mechanism of action and benefits. Understanding these can help you make informed decisions about what to include in your stack.

Synergy: Choose supplements with complementary actions. For example, one ingredient might boost acetylcholine, and another might inhibit the enzyme that breaks it down, so the supplement works longer in your body. This is an example of clever stacking for maximum benefit. Our clinical support team can provide guidance if you need support making your choices.

Testing and Adjustment: As any good biohacker knows, you’ll cycle through periods of test and assessment. Begin with small doses and monitor how your body responds. Adjust the stack based on your experiences and results over time. Become an astute observer of how you feel. What is your energy like? How is your sleep? Are you handling stress better? Are you being more productive? Take note of the impact.

Crafting your personalised nootropic stack might take some time to perfect, as you carve out the right combination through trial and error. The reward is enhanced mental clarity, energy, and overall cognitive function to help you think and feel your best every day.

myBrainCo. Simplex Range: NMN, NAC, Shilajit, Creatine
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