5 Ways To Rewire Your Brain

5 Ways To Rewire Your Brain

Are you ready to rewire your brain to create positive habits?.

Rewiring your brain is a powerful, science-based method to break undesirable habits and create new, healthy ones.

That might sound pretty complicated, but it’s absolutely something you can do at home.

The key is to keep your brain active – you know the old saying use it or lose it.

But there are some great specific exercises we can do to encourage this, such as:

 Puzzles – encourages problem-solving and scene recognition.

 Learning – learning something new boosts grey matter. Grey matter houses many important regions in your brain, including areas associated with: language, attention, memory, emotions, and motor skills.

 Play Video Games – keeps your coordination, reaction time, decision-making, and problem-solving skills optimal.

 Exercise – improves sleep which will help your brain function better and as a result improve rewiring.

 Embrace Unfocusing – the occasional mental downtime directly impacts neuroplasticity. Letting your brain rest from constant stimulation helps improve creativity and encourages problem-solving. Drawing and colouring can be a great mindfulness exercise to allow your mind to unwind. So, next time you find yourself waiting on something with empty hands, pick up a pen and get doodling.

Other factors which help us rewire the brain are diet, lifestyle, stress, and specific nutrients/herbs. However, these will indirectly contribute when coupled with a holistic approach to all of the above.

As we know taking on new habits can sometimes be a struggle and we may feel as if we’re missing out on things.

For example, you may have decided to focus on nourishing foods and eliminating highly processed foods or it could be that you have decided your new bedtime is when your favourite show is on; your brain will fight to keep familiar habits. However, when we stick with something for long enough it becomes a new habit which is a form of rewiring.

Lastly, setting goals with specific reasons for why you want to achieve something is a great way of keeping yourself accountable. Keeping specific goals will provide you with guidance, you can read your reasons and reconnect with them anytime you may feel like giving up; this will also form part of your rewiring.

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