3 Ways To Support Your Health This Festive Season

3 Ways To Support Your Health This Festive Season

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the busyness of the looming festive season?

Every year, the weeks spanning late November through to early January often bring an intense amount of physical and mental workload. 

It’s a time of year when the to-do list seems to quadruple. Suddenly, squished into this 6 week period is a year worth of accumulated plans for the quality time we want to spend with loved ones and all the preparations that go with making this time of year special. 

The extra mental load we all carry in the lead-up to Christmas is huge. 

  • Christmas shopping for all your friends and relatives
  • Constant Many Christmas functions, parties and get-togethers
  • A Kris Kringle or two!
  • Family BBQ’s
  • Weddings!!?
  • School holidays
  • Teenage taxi service
  • Travel plans

The list goes on…


Despite the many wonderful things this time of year brings, it can also mean a lot of thinking, remembering, work stress, family stress, financial stress, eating ‘naughty’ foods, drinking more alcohol, losing sleep, and worry. The additional mental load and energy needed to get everything done doesn’t need to come at the expense of your health when you finally do get a break. 

Do any of these sound like you?

We can use supplementation to provide additional nutritional support to the body systems under the most stress during this period. 

Prevent Mental Fatigue

Nootropics are an ideal choice to turn to anytime our mental demands are at an all-time high. Nootropics help to support cognitive processes and brain energy needs. They can help to boost the mental fortitude needed to power through the huge to-do list. 

Unlock More Energy 

Racing around doing the Christmas shopping, attending functions, and finalising our work commitments for the year all take their toll on our energy levels. As our demands and stress levels increase, so too does the demand on our cells to make the energy to fuel all this extra mental and physical activity. 

There are two key ways we can meet energy demands:

  1. Boost the nutrients needed to make energy
  2. Ensure we’re getting the sleep we need to replenish our energy

Balance Bad Habits

The festive season tends to mean we’re a bit more relaxed with our lifestyle choices. We might get to the gym less but socialise more. It may mean more eating out, more meals that have had to be consumed on the go and it may mean a few extra glasses of your favourite alcoholic beverage to celebrate. A good antioxidant can be a great choice to help support your liver, blood sugar, immune system, and detoxification needs. 

Be Proactive

The best insurance to get through the highs and lows of the festive season is to prepare and be proactive before we find ourselves zapped of energy and on the brink of exhaustion. Top up your nutrient bank balance to give your body the resources it needs to support you through the silly season.

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